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Chimney Sweeping
Chimney Sweeping

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South West/East London

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Office: 020 3667 2678
Mob: 07745 410 799 (All day)
Address: 32 Kingswood Avenue, Shortlands, Bromley BR2 0NY
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Mr Wayne Bloor trading as Bloor Chimney Sweepers

Welcome to Bloor Chimney Sweeps, working throughout the London and surrounding areas.

We provide a comprehensive service of sweeping and safety checks for your chimney. The safety of your chimney should be of prime importance to you and your family to avoid the hazards that can come about due to unsafe and faulty flues. We can provide you with lining services to protect your chimney.

Your chimney needs regular maintenance, especially if it is in regular use, to avoid any fumes, gases and the silent killer carbon monoxide leaking back into the house. A properly maintained and serviced chimney will extract all gases safely out of harms way. We can provide such services, leaving you with peace of mind and a price within your budget.

How often should a chimney be swept, depends on what it is used for: * Coal (Biannually) * Smokeless Coal (Annually) * Wood Burning (Quarterly) * Oil (Annually) * Gas (Annually)

Chimney Sweep London

Chimney Sweeping

The primary reason for the sweeping of chimneys is to remove flammable creosote to aid in the prevention of chimney fires.

Power Sweeping London

Power Sweeping

Power Sweeping is a method of sweeping a chimney or flue with specially designed rods and brushes that are rotated in the chimney with a cordless drill.

CCTV Surveys London

Safety Inspections

As the saying goes, “hot air rises”, and so does the warm air in your home. When the warm air rises to the upper areas it’s called the stack effect.

CCTV Surveys

Smoke Testing

The purpose of chimney smoke testing is to establish whether or not a chimney flue is sound and fit for use and has an adequate draught.

Masonry Repairs London

Masonry Repairs

Bloor can provide chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, roof line up chimney rebuilds, or total chimney rebuilds.

CCTV Survey Equipment

CCTV Survey

The chimney engineers at Bloor have the experience and the specialist equipment to perform a thorough inspection of the interior of your chimney.