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Chimney Power Sweeping London.

Bloor chimney sweepers have been power sweeping in London for many years. Chimney power sweeping is a specialist way of sweeping your chimney. Chimney power sweeping uses a different type of brushes. We use special rods that are used with a high power drill to which is attached by a special connector.

The chimney power sweeping brushes act like a strimmer attaching itself to the inside of the chimney flue walls. Chimney power sweeping is designed to remove heavy build-up of soot and tar. Bloor chimney sweepers use a special brush designed to remove all birds nest from your chimney flue.

A chimney blockage can cause smoke or carbon monoxide to back fill into your room. This can kill you or cause a chimney fire. Chimney power sweeping will remove you’re the blockage and clean your chimney flue and make your fire safe to use. We will always use CCTV to make sure the blockage is removed.

Chimney Power Sweeping London
Chimney Power Sweeping London
Chimney Power Sweeping London
Birds Nest Removed
Power Sweeping London
Power Sweeping Equipment

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