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“I rang Bloor chimneysweepers to sweep my chimney as the last chimneysweepers where cowboy. Wayne done a brilliant job and has all the equipment. Will have them back next year”.

“Bloor chimneysweepers came and cleaned both chimneys, as I could smell soot. Good job done”.

“Very professional job, have all the tools.  No mess brilliant, see you next year”.

“Great job, many thanks see you next year”.

“Thank you very much for cleaning our chimney, you done a great job, sees you next year”.

“Bloor chimney sweepers done a very good job in cleaning our chimneys, we are very satisfied with them. Many thanks”.

“I rang Bloor chimneysweepers because I could smell soot from my fire. They came cleaned out my fire, I could not believe the amount of soot that came down. They done a brilliant job will see them again next year”.

“Bloor chimney sweepers Dona a brilliant job in cleaning my fire, it had not been cleaned in years. Brilliant company”.

“I rang Bloor chimneysweepers because my chimney was blocked; they came, cleaned the blockage, and tested my chimney. Very professional job”.

“Bloor chimneysweepers came and swept our chimney, they done a fantastic job”.