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Chimney stack repairs Beckenham BR3

Bloor chimney sweepers offer a wide range of chimney services in Beckenham for many years. Chimney stack repairs to chimney rebuilds, chimney blockages to chimney surveys. Most chimney stack repairs or re build are due to the bad weather that will break down the pointing and fall out. The rain and frost will start to make the chimney stack crack. Most chimney stacks are the last to be maintained. A chimney stack with pointing missing will allow the rain the leak inside and cause water damage. The chimney stack needs the brick pointing to be raked out and cleaned.

Once all the bad pointing is removed we can then repoint or render your chimney stack and make it water tight. We will then add a water sealer to help protect your chimney stack from rain and frost. Bloor chimney sweeper’s bricklayer has over 25 years’ experience bricklaying. Call us to today if your chimney needs some repairs

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Chimney Repairs London
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